Thursday, July 14, 2011

My love for July

     I love July! I love how the sun really starts to kick in and leaves us sun kissed after spending a few hours at the beach or pool. Even more importantly... I love the 4th of July! Besides Christmas, this is my favorite holiday! Each year, the traditions repeat... bikes to the beach, pool, BBQ and fireworks at our house, and then back with friends at night. It can't get better than that! The only thing that was a little different this year was my dad's surprise...buying some healthier choices :). He came home from Costco with some Jennie-O Turkey Burgers and hot dogs, and whole wheat buns! What a sweetie! I'm pretty sure I was the only person who jumped for joy when my Jennie-O came off the grill but I was so excited to try it! It was TASTY and all natural! I know my dad is one of those people who cringes when I offer him anything that is healthier but there are so many things that are worth trying!
    The way I see it....if there is a healthier alternative to something such as a burger that is very high in fat or undergoes a lot of processing and the alternative tastes just as good or even better, why not choose that instead? Of course it's not a crime to eat certain things once in a while but I think it's great that there are ways of enjoying our favorite foods while being conscious. 

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